Online Herbal Dispensary for Chinese Medicine Practitioners

How It Works

Our service is offered to licensed Chinese Medicine practitioners and students of Oriental Medicine only.  If you are a patient, please go to the NCCAOM website ( or your State Acupuncture Board’s website to locate a certified Chinese Medicine Practitioner near you.

Acu-Pharmacy carries over 365 5:1 granular extract powders for you to choose from. Please click on this link for a list of the single herbs we carry. Orders will be filled to your exact specifications. We offer 3 different ways to package your herbs:

  • Bottled with measuring spoon*: We will default to this if none of the other package options are selected.
  • Encapsulated: Additional charges apply.
  • Pre-measured Single Dosage Packets: Our foil-lined packets have a tear notch for easy opening for the ultimate in convenience. Additional charges apply.

*All our bottled herbs are sent to your patient shrink-wrapped to prevent tampering and to ensure your patient's safety.

How To Order

There are 2 ways to place an order:  (Online or by Email)

To Place an ONLINE order:

Step 1: Login to our secure website (or Register to open a free account).

Step 2: Place order.

  • Enter in patient name (or Add Patient if new).
  • Type in the # of Days for the prescription.
  • To ship the herbs to your patient, "Check" the box next to "Ship to Patient Address".  If the box is not checked, it will ship to your address.
  • Select whether you would like the herbs to be Bottled, Encapsulated, or packaged into Pre-measured Single Dosages. (If nothing is selected, it will default to bottled).
  • Type in the herbs** (pinyin) and the DAILY GRANULAR dosage.

*For help with granular extract powder dosages, click on our RAW-TO-GRANULAR Conversion Calculator.

**You may also order combinations of Classic Herbal Formulas by emailing us at and specifying the formulas you would like to combine and the percentages for each formula.

Step 3: Select your Shipping option, enter your Credit Card payment information and click on "Proceed to Payment".

You're done! You'll receive a confirmation email of your order.

To Place an EMAIL order:

Email your prescription to (You must have an account with us to place an email order. To open up a free account, click on Register).

Include the following information in the email:

  • Patient Name & Shipping Address
  • Practitioner Information (Your name and/or business name, address, phone number)
  • Prescription (List of herbs in the formula in Pinyin including the DAILY dosages and # of days for the prescription). You may provide dosages in RAW or GRANULAR form.  Please let us know which one.
  • Your payment information (include credit card number, expiration date, security code)
  • Shipping Method preferred – if none specified, we will default the shipping to USPS Priority mail.

Shipping Rates

Acu-Pharmacy offers shipping via USPS Flat-Rate Priority Mail starting at $5.00. We also offer USPS First-Class Mail for all orders under 0.75 lbs for a flat rate of $3.00. USPS Express Overnight Service and UPS Overnight Service is also available upon request. We will default the shipping method to USPS Priority Mail unless another shipping method has been selected.

For pricing information or to order, please LOGIN.


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